not your average dance class.

Teaching routines inspired by films and music videos, we are for anyone who loves to dance.  We started in February 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand with one Pop-Up course as BeyoncĂ©'s alter ego (Lesa) MJ's biggest fan (Abby) and Nick Carter (Clair) re-incarnated. Now we offer nearly 10 courses in New Zealand with plans to take over the world. Slash spread our love of dance. We kind of see them as the same thing.

Every class is a 45 minute session - smiling and sweating guaranteed. Each class is a surprise and you'll come away having learnt a routine and probably whacking the person next to you (or being whacked by someone else).  Doesn't matter if you "can't dance."  That's what we're here for. Body rolls not burpees is our motto.


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Got questions? Technophobic? Or maybe you're a super dorky fitness instructor that loves to dance and is looking for a job?