This is a bowl of glitter.

fitness instructor jobs.png

Do you have anything in common with it? if you do, we want to hear from you. read on.


You are

  • Authentic & Honest

  • Someone who loves themselves. Rolls or abs, don't care. You love all of you!

  • An entertainer
  • A leader in your community
  • Good at breaking the ice and making people feel comfortable
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Present and Aware
  • Someone who knows their worth: You believe you're as sparkly and exciting as that bowl of glitter - if not more so.

You have

  •  3 years + of Fitness instructing experience and a passion for dance (but 3 years + of dance teaching experience and a passion for fitness can also work for us)

  • Musicality; Performance/theatre/drama background
  • Love for all types of dance and music from different eras
  • The ability to commit to two + regular, weekly classes and learn our choreography
  • A high level of fitness
  • Availability and confidence to take on private sessions for Hens Dos and Corporates
  • An interest in growing yourself as an instructor; Attending training, growing your own community and taking opportunities.

If you're still reading, the next step is to send us a 1 MINUTE video. Tell us: 

1. Why we want you

2. Why you want us

3. Your favourite thing about yourself

Send the video to with "I wanna be a SU&D instructor" in the subject line with up to 100 words outlining any relevant experience and your contact details, location and availability. 


IF YOU MAKE IT ONTO THE NEXT STAGE, WE'LL BE IN TOUCH TO AUDITION YOu. if you succeed, following that you'll be expected to attend classes and training. 

We look forward to hearing from you!