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not your average dance class.

Teaching routines inspired by films and music videos, we are for anyone who loves to dance.  We started in February 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand with one Pop-Up course as BeyoncĂ©'s alter ego (Lesa) MJ's biggest fan (Abby) and Nick Carter (Clair) re-incarnated. Now we offer nearly 10 courses in New Zealand with plans to take over the world. Slash spread our love of dance. We kind of see them as the same thing.

Every class is a 45 minute session - smiling and sweating guaranteed. Each class is a surprise and you'll come away having learnt a routine and probably whacking the person next to you (or being whacked by someone else).  Doesn't matter if you "can't dance."  That's what we're here for. Body rolls not burpees is our motto.




We have classes on Monday nights, Tuesday mornings and nights, Thursday nights and Saturday mornings in Wellington and Auckland (with plans to take over the rest of New Zealand - then the world). Download our app (above buttons) or if you prefer to use the web, check out this timetable for casual visits or find out the next course dates here.

We are proud to offer a variety of payment options so that you can make fitness work for you - not the other way around. So use us however you like. Have a one night stand with no questions asked, or date us for 6 weeks. You want to be a slave to the rhythm - not to your fitness regime.

Download our app by clicking the buttons above. Create an account and book classes at the click of a button, get notified when spaces become available and sign in automagically at each class. Scheduling fun into your life has never been easier with our fancy pants app!




 $20 per class

Because commitment is a thing of the past. In regards to fitness anyway. You're probably busy and/or potentially cash strapped so let's go into this with some clear boundaries - it's just one night, and whatever happens stays between us. You might come back, or maybe you won't. Use us when you want to and enjoy the freedom of the fling. We can't wait to romance you.




$150 for a concession card

Ok, so. It's become a little bit more serious than casual, but not that serious. No need for labels here. 10 sessions with each other, anytime, anywhere. Just give us a heads up before you arrive, 'cause we'll wanna freshen up.




$90 per course

Our most popular relationship. Date us for our 6 week course. It'll be at the same place and the same time (because we know it's a mission to schedule fun into your life).  If you miss a rendezvous, it's OK! We won't be offended. At least the thought was there.




Monthly Pass | COMING SOON

Say I do and you'll have access to unlimited classes as well as filmed routines on the Shut Up & Dance app so you can get your sweat on from the comfort of your lounge at any time of the day! We understand that life happens, so you can renew your vows each month - you can come back when you want a piece of us again.



Contact Us

Got questions? Technophobic? Or maybe you're a super dorky fitness instructor that loves to dance and is looking for a job?