THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN the su&d branded app and the NEW mindbody app

We’re moving from the SU&D Branded App to the MINDBODY App! We regret having to change, as we loved our own branded booking software, but following a review of our business expenses, this is a smart move that will enable us to spend our time and money on the events we care about, and of course, growing and investing in our instructors. And also - the MINDBODY is app is actually… well… Kind of nicer! Here are some of the main differences you might find if you were used to using the SU&D branded app!


  1. Download the MINDBODY app (the black buttons above)

  2. Login. If you don’t remember your details, you’ll need to reset your password in the MINDBODY app using the email address you used to login to the Branded App.

  3. You’ll be prompted to update your billing details. Rest assured that while this may be frustrating (we hear you), it’s because the system is secure e.g. your credit card details are not shared between platforms.

  4. Continue to book for classes in the new app as usual!


  • If you want to get married to us ($540 upfront for the year), this will now need to be done on the website or via email as enrolments are not available to purchase via the app.

  • Unfortunately you won’t be able to book for more than one class at a time in the way you used to be able to on the SU&D branded app. Those of you who like to schedule more than 5 instances of fun in advance are welcome to send us a message with dates you’d like booked in and we’d be happy to help

  • Promo codes are not able to be redeemed on the MINDBODY app. You can do this on the website though - or send us a message.

  • Both apps (the SU&D branded one AND the new MINDBODY one) still require you to choose a ‘gender’ when you register a new account. While we wait for them to update their software, please feel free to choose ‘ignore’ as this information is not required for us to make decisions about our business.


  • Expiries for various payment types are made clearer at point of purchase

  • One app = multiple studios! Discover multiple studios, favourite you ‘go tos’ and keep your schedules in one place. Some of our favourites are UP Fitness, Space Studio and Float Well

  • The new and improved dashboard pulls your heart rate and other biometric data specific to your workouts if you’re into that kind of thing.

  • You can filter classes by price or location

  • A dedicated chat support (in case we can’t help you first)

  • Touch ID login

  • The first 100 people to move to the new software will be entitled to 2 x single sessions for $20.