SHOUT OUT: April Phillips! 🎙

Your name and your ‘AKA’:

April Phillips AKA “Fatty Arbuckle” (thanks Dad), “Apes” yeah thanks for that too, “Angel” by my husband - now that’s more like it!

Your favourite/local SU&D class and why you come:

Crofton Downs on a Tuesday morning baby! Where sleep deprived and frazzled mums who’ve just dropped their un-cooperative kids off at school suddenly turn into body rolling, crotch grabbing, booty shaking hot mummas!

Link to your event/page/drive/cause and why we should support it:

You wouldn’t know it to look at me on a Tuesday morning (unwashed hair scraped back into a ponytail, puffy eyes that match my peanut-butter-covered puffer jacket), but I have this whole other life as an actress, singer, producer and director which gives me half a chance to wear sequins and I’m sparkling! In fact, our gorgeous Abby Damen and I met in a TV comedy series called “Girl vs Boy” – we were the crazy villains of the show and you can still watch it at TVNZ on Demand.

Right now I’m producing and singing in a fun and upbeat music show at Circa Theatre with my band THE RETRO PACK. Some of New Zealand’s hottest singers and musos are celebrating songs that originated on the stage but that ended up being big hits for legends like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole. It’s very “Rat Pack” era, very uptempo, lots of toe-tapping fun. It can be stressful being the producer because you want the show to be a success so you can pay everybody! So I need bums on seats. I know y’all LOVE MUSIC and you’ll be able to cheer, dance and sing along. I’d love to see you there!

How to support:

You can book at online at circa.

Something about yourself/your life that has made you the amazing person you are:

Okay serious now. Having a severely disabled child forces you to change your perspective on life. You have to develop patience that you never knew was possible, not sweat the small stuff, let the hard stuff drip off your shoulders, and celebrate every tiny win like it’s 1999!

- April Thompson

Abby Damen