Aaaaaah sevenya … mamamichi mama

Ok. So our community gave us one of the most thoughtful and coolest gifts we could have ever imagined to receive. At our “Clair-and-Lesa-are-going-to-figure-out-how-to-be-mums-now-brb” party, there was one of the best dance performances we ever did see.

There was a private facebook group, secret rehearsals, white lies to avoid staff meetings and most significantly, the performance’s climax featured a naked baby prop during an essential “Aaaaaah sevenya mamamichi mama” sequence, a bit of ‘Baby’ from Justin Beiber and in authentically-crass SU&D style, there was also a Salt n Pepa moment, “Ah, push it, p-push it real good” prescribing very wise words of encouragement.

We managed to get the surprise on camera. You can check it out below!

And as though we were the paparazzi, we also got their response… 👌🏻

Abby Damen