You're SMASHING (it)!


As our namesake implies, we’re all about walking the talk. We realised we’d been telling our participants and our community things like “we don’t know what we’d do without you!” and “thank you so much for loving our classes and supporting small business” and also “OMG you’re amazing!” because over our past three years of operation, we’ve discovered some insanely cool things about our community and what the people in it get up to. They’re singers, they’re advocates for the environment, they’re politicians, they’re mothers, but most awesomely - they’re passionate, they’re authentic and our favourite part - they’re shutting up and truly doing the stuff that makes them happier and the world a better place.

We thought it’s our turn to properly SHOW our thanks, because our community is not what it is without the colourful, bold and inspiring people we get to interact with every week. SO: We’ve decided we’ll be sharing an event or cool thing that our participants need support with each month.

If you want a shout out for the cool thing you’re up to, email us at and give us at least a months notice before the thing you want some support for happens/needs all the help it can get. Please note, not all submissions will make it through, so make it as sparkly and SU&D-ey as you can ;)


Your name and your ‘AKA’:

Your favourite/local SU&D class and why you come:

Link to your event/page/drive/cause and why we should support it:

Something about yourself/your life that has made you the amazing person you are less than 50 words (this can be as silly and light, or as raw and intimate as you want - we like it all):

*high five*

Abby, Lesa & Clair

Abby Damen