Our COVERGIRL(s): Zoe Hawthorne

Shut Up & Dance in three words? Go: 

Fabulous, incomparable, community

What's your Guilty Pleasure dance track? 

Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child (let’s be honest, it’s not a guilty pleasure, it’s literally just one of the best songs ever made along with the rest of that album). Choosing one song is seriously difficult.

If you were to be stranded on a desert island and you had to take one person with you, who would it be and why? 

My partner Reuben because he is funny and I somehow never get sick of him plus he will do things for me while I lounge on the beach 😏

Have you done anything in the past week that has made you proper cringe? 

Surprisingly not – though the cringey thing that I do on regular basis is call my work colleagues “Dad” or “bae” 🙃

What would you do if you won the lotto? 

Travel very cool places (like Russia and Thailand), donate $$$ to the best causes, buy 1,000 puppies and invest the rest. Because I am practical like that.

What inspires you? 

People who spend their time doing things to make the world a better place

What would you say is your biggest achievement yet? 

Getting that double degree 👏🏽🎓


What's your favourite quote? 

“To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered” – from my favourite book ever by Sarah J Maas. The cheesiest quote ever but hey – I love a cheesy romance novel 💞

Vegemite: Yay or nay? 

NAY – NEVER. NO thank you (not a fan of Marmite either)

If you were a cake slice what would you be and why? 

A chocolate cake with a berry swirl and a really amazing chocolate icing omg

If there was a film made about your life, what's the song that plays on it's trailer? 

$ave Dat Money by Lil Dicky cause that fiscal responsibility life is just too good and you don’t know whether laugh or cry at this song. If you haven’t heard it, would recommend for a giggle (watch Lil Dicky here)

Pet peeve? 

How cold it is in Wellington at winter time? Wind and rain? 🧐

Favourite quality in people?


Cats or dogs? 

I have 2 kitties who I love but they are super annoying in a way that only cats can be and my true love is probably dogs. But I would like both please!

Something you're really good at?

Exams. It’s weird I know 💪🏽

Abby Damen