Sweet nothings

Sometimes you whisper a sweet nothing to us over email when you get home after a particularly sweaty Bieber routine, or a spectacularly hilarious Austin Powers class, or a knock out boyband session just to say thank you. Sometimes it's a review on our MindBody app, or a cheeky post-class selfie on your instagram. We are SO grateful for every kind word (and also the constructively kind words - there's always room for improvement!) Sometimes you don't say thanks at all because you don't need to - you come every week, or once a month (or a handful of times a year - we don't mind) - visiting our classes is the best thank you we could ever ask for. Without you, we don't really have much of a job! ;)

Our classes do not exist without your enthusiasm and preparedness to let go at every class, and most importantly, to trust us. Because every class is different and we're constantly creating, we are always taking risks and it's so refreshing and exciting to see that what we do is making you as happy as it makes us. Check out these words spoken IN REAL LIFE about what we do. Just in case you were on the fence about giving us a go ;)


If you perform what you learnt to your unprepared partner/nonchalant children/ever-encouraging goldfish, that's our job done. Other times it's a name drop to a friend over coffee of a random dance class you attend. For everybody who has dropped us a line to say thank you, mentioned us to their work place or social club, inspired us with a song or routine request, flicked a viral video that reminded you of us... We just want to say... Thank YOU! 

Abby Damen