Hens Do Ideas - that don't make you cringe

We're a great Hens Do idea because there are no penis straws involved. Our hens dos are practical (you come away having learnt a routine you've always wanted to learn with your bridal party or stag do) and fun - no matter how many times we've said we specialise in clumsy, there are always people who feel unsure about coming a long to a dance class. And we love things that are both practical and fun ;)

A verbal explanation for our classes doesn't quite cut the mustard - one must physically experience Shut Up & Dance to understand what we really do. Or, one must simply have been an unassuming member of the public at the Wellington Wedding Show in May this year. No-one was prepared for the outrageousness that is a Shut Up & Dance surprise performance.

flashmob new zealand

We've held a stall at the Wellington Wedding Show to promote our Hens Dos as ideas for brides to be for the past three years now and we LOVE the day! 2018 however, was the year we took exhibiting to the next level.

The Event Managers, Charlotte and Paula - two phenomenal wahine who pull of the Wellington Wedding Show event each year - approached us asking if we'd like to do a performance during the catwalk shows on the day.

US: "Yes. Yes is our final answer. 1000 times yes. We're probably all going to dress up like Madonna in the lace bridal dress. That's ok with you aye? Great. LOCK US IN!"

dance performance

It was a pretty fast turnaround, so we put the word out to the people who were a part of our most recent Cuba Dupa flashmob and hustled a squad together to rehearse for the performance in record time. For what started as a company for people who "can't dance" - we did pretty bloody well ;)

Essentially there were two catwalk shows during the day, which we finished off in flashmob style. The beautiful models showing off their gorgeous wedding dresses were followed closely by an "impromptu" throw back to Patrick Swayze and Baby's infamous "I've Had The Time of My Life" choreography performed by the wonderfully talented Kathryn Crawford from First Dance (she specialises in first dances and couples choreography) and Ben, an actor we managed to get from a little old New Zealand film to be our Mr. Swayze for the day. Then the Backstreet Boys materialised (aka Abby and Clair), followed closely by 15 of Madonna's alter egos (our hilarious participants). The performance was not only entertaining, but also a metaphor for what we believe is the ideal wedding: The first half of every wedding must be clean, tidy and rehearsed, but the second half MUST involve shaking, thrusting and a lot of lip synching. It simply must.

dancing fun

We are so grateful to Charlotte and Paula for the opportunity to perform at the Wedding Expo this year and to our participants for absolutely rocking it in their lace teddies! If you wanted to see the performance, unfortunately you're out of luck. In this freakishly connected and recorded world, very few things are real surprises anymore and we like to keep things fresh - maybe you'll see us one day on your walk to work, at your friends' birthday, or we'll be the best Hens Do surprise ever. Just when you least expect it.

Shut Up & Dance