Our favourite moments since we started in 2016

Self-reflection! Self-assessment. Introspection. Both ya counsellor AND instagram feeds tell us that engaging in self-examination can be a powerful tool in order to grow and develop - by looking inward instead of outward. We thought we'd have a little group reflection on the past few years since starting Shut Up & Dance. Instead of anything significant, we suddenly remembered some of our most hilarious and odd moments that now make us smile, laugh and cringe - which makes us think they maybe are the most significant. Here are some of our faves.

Financial Report gets a 90's Makeover

We live in an apartment building, and normally you just avert your eyes when you see people having dinner, but during Cupa Dupa our neighbours had friends over and everyone had a layer of boozy confidence. Lesa and I were getting excited for the flashmob and were singing to 90's pop at the top of our lungs and managed to get the attention of our neighbours. We can't open our windows though, so we communicated that, and what routines we would perform for them with messy vivid writing on sheets of A4 (which were in fact the underside of our 2018 financial report).

They were loving it. I think if your neighbours don't clap while you're dancing in the apartment across the street for them (please just picture this: They wouldn't have been able to hear ANYTHING), you need more supportive neighbours.

Fitness instructor whisks away the evidence

At our first class EVER, Clair was so nervous that we got her a small bottle of Jack Daniels Whisky to calm her nerves. People started arriving so she shoved it into her pants and before you know it, we're learning the 2nd move and WHOOSH! Jack Daniels is flying out of her knickers, onto the floor, directly in front of someone in the first row. It stayed there for the rest of the class. 

Woman taken out by drag run

It's FAME (remember my name!) Moment of Madness and we're doing none other than Drag Runs from one end of the room to the other (why would you do anything else?). Lesa tripped over her front (or back)... one of her feet and fell F L A T on the floor. Clair checked she was ok but Lesa was adamant she was fine - "I did it on purpose" (to make others feel comfortable) *eye roll* She had a bruise on her hip, right knee and left elbow for 3 weeks and to this day still fears a drag run.

Business manager ruins atmosphere with DJ'ing skills

Any time Abby ever has to DJ, she pushes play on about 3 different songs before she plays the right song. There is a reason she works behind the computer. PS: Does anyone want to DJ for us at our next event?

C'est la vie = It really is life.

We feel like there's some creepy Irish curse on B*witched's 'C'est La Vie'. The first time we did it, it was the opening routine for our second ever course back in 2016. The following week had a 50% return rate. We were like... *blinks* The second time we did it, Clair essentially forgot the whole routine - no-one really knew until she dropped to her knees and just screamed "C'EST LA VIE."

Nervous, drunk, both?

Before our Cuba Dupa flashmob, Clair (who wasn't even in it) was so nervous/excited that she grabbed a cheeky beer beforehand to calm her nerves. She bumped into one of the women in our flashmob who was also having a solo beer pre-mob. The "hello! see you there soon! *goes separate ways to sip beer solo* moment definitely happened. We are such a predictable bunch.

The Spice Girls unexpectedly perform at medium-large sized party on Wellington Waterfront, New Zealand.

That time we were the Spice Girls, so took photos with random members of the public during the day, yelled "GIRL POWER" at the top of our lungs at ever corner and made a music video in the afternoon, to boot.

I've, Had The Cold of My Life / Slam Dunk the *cough* / Oops We All Got Real Sick - you get the picture

We decided to go on tour with our classes around the North Island. Just like any girl band, we knew we'd pull the crowds. Unlike any girl band, we did everything ourselves - from the moment we decided to leave (we gave ourselves 2 weeks lead time), we were all go. Booking the halls, coordinating our itineraries, scheduling the classes, marketing the class, filling the classes, designing the class - lights, cameras, merchandise, organising accomodation... And of course none of us have really had a proper holiday since we started, so it shouldn't have been a surprise when Clair was unable to speak because of a swollen throat, or when Lesa then inherited said swollen trhoat cold, or when Abby was third in line for the Phlegm. It truly was snot central and unfortunately we had to cancel a few classes. However, we did bond on our days off over Lemsip, Harry Potter and a puzzle we bought in Taupo. We'll definitely be touring again 

We have so many general favourite moments too, which include the warm fuzzies we regularly get when we get to catch someone singing their heart out during a class, being so in the moment. Dancing from their soul. And of course hearing stories or getting messages about when someone shows a routine to their partner, dog or children. A video of two friends performing the routine at an awkward BBQ or birthday is our favourite kind.

Shut Up & Dance