Greasy issues

grease bedroom

So first of all, we need to acknowledge Grease. It’s only one of the best films and musicals of all time. The songs are AMAZING, the performances are iconic and the film in particular has stood the test of time, with a fantastic replay value. Oh wait, apart from how it doesn’t stand the test of time on so many levels. Every single breath of the film is filled with issues that make you go “no wonder we have problems today”. Despite having our own routines (Greased Lightning, Hand Jive and We Got Together), here are a handful of issues we take with the film:

  • Jan is apparently the “fat” one. We have quite a few issues with this one 👀

  • Sandy becoming Hot Sandy for Danny at the end, obviously - the worst message in the whole film. Obviously.

  • Sandy deciding that she’s not happy, and asking Frenchie to make her happy (by way of “improving her appearance” for Danny). Bear in mind - the last time she saw Danny was at the drive-in cinema when he tried to get in her pants, justifying her resistance with a casual “nobodies watching”

  • Sandy leaves the Jock to be with Danny after he “ran circles around those dorks” and nearly fell over but she doesn’t have the decency to have a conversation with him. She just waves and runs off. She’s like “Hehe lol! 😝”

  • Any time anyone is mean to Eugene. It just kills me.

  • Vince Fontaine tried to put aspirin in Marty’s drink 🤔

  • The fact that Vince Fontaine looks younger than all the core cast 🤔

  • How Sandy and Danny aren’t in time when they’re in the shock shack.

  • What a shit ride the Shock Shack would have been 👎🏻

  • Greased Lightning, the car, can fly 🙌🏽

  • Every single reference to sex - I don’t think the T-Birds say anything other than something in relation to women/sex/food

  • When Danny “changes” for Sandy, he puts on a cardigan. Compared to Sandy, who gets sewn into her skin-tight pants, a manicure and takes up a life long habit of smoking 😎

  • Back to the drive-in. When Danny forces himself onto Sandy (despite her exclamation, “Danny, no!”) and she ends up running away, Danny’s song “Alone At The Drive-In” (a total banger), is also highly problematic. When he’s slumped in some serious misery, “sitting and wondering why, you left me”, I think we’re meant to feel sorry for him? 🕵🏼‍♀️

  • Did I mention how Jan is supposed to be fat? WHAT. THE. F***.

  • How all the high school students are like 45 years old; Cha Cha, Kenickie and in particular Sonny. Mostly Sonny 😂

  • Why is Danny singing the song about Greased Lightning? It’s Kenickie’s car!!!

  • Frenchie having all these extra blonde wigs in her bedroom for the “Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee” number isn’t weird. She’s into beauty! It makes sense. The problem is that she doesn’t use one to cover up her hair when she accidentally dies it pink 🧠

I remember watching this film as a child, and my parents made sure I understood that not all men are like this, and not all women are like this. Thanks mum & dad. I hold that today and it gives me hope. Come to a class sometime and let’s smash the problems of this film together, reclaim the story as our own and dance for yourself, and for how good it feels to do something good for you.

Words from Abby. Please note these are opinions.

Abby Damen