Ok, so you're the maid of honor and the bride says to your face "NO PENIS PARAPHERNALIA. It's going to be a classy bachelorette party."  What's a best friend to do?!

The problem is that a "classy" "bachelorette" party where you sip champagne (maybe at least you'll do kareoke?!) is going to be super boring when you find out what the groom got up to at his stag do (he was probably half-naked on a golf course and accidentally set something on fire).  Fortunately we have the solution!  Want a Hens Do that's hilarious and fun, pushes people out of their comfort zones and is also super practical?

 Feel like a "single lady" one last time or "spice up your [bachelorette party]" by booking Shut Up & Dance for the opportunity to learn that routine we all know the bride has been practicing in her bedroom for the past decade.  Not only will you have a memory that will "viva forever," the entire bridal party will be armed with all the right moves on the dance floor at the wedding itself.

We're looking forward to being at the Wellington Wedding Expo this Sunday from 10AM - 4PM!  Tickets are $18 on the door on the day.  See you there!

Abby Damen