The Best Things in Life Cost $35

The best things in life cost you $35.  Have a boogie, then have a burger.  We're combining our favourite things, which is fitness and food, to bring you one of Wellington's most unique ways to enjoy the Wellington on a Plate frenzy.  Massive thanks to Foxglove for hosting the event with us in their epic Ballroom!

If you didn't know already, the foundation for every Shut Up & Dance class relies on good food shared between friends.  When the three of us got together and started planning our first Pop-Up class at Whitireia in Wellington, our "meetings" consisted of making a dinner together and then playing our favourite music.  Whatever tunes got us dancing and laughing got put onto a list (which was massive).  That's how we chose our first 6 classes.

Now after every Monday night dance class, we have our weekly meeting over a pizza and beer at Goldings or we head to one of our houses and cook up something delicious.  It's the BEST, because we still do what we did when we first started:  Put on some music that we like, enjoy each others company and look forward to the upcoming week together.

A while ago, I remember standing on Vivian Street waiting for traffic to pass and I was chowing down an apricot pastry before a class as I was starving.  I went to Moore Wilsons; I saw the bananas but I also saw the pastry (it was an easy decision).  For a moment, I had a chuckle to myself about the irony of my situation (can we bring this up again please: ACTIVEWEAR, ACTIVEWEAR. DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN MY ACTIVEWEAR).  Then I realised it wasn't odd at all.  That's just balance.  And balance is something we can all always do with more of in our crazy, hectic, fast-paced lives!  So have a Boogie.  Then have a Burger.

The best things in life are not free but they are definitely good value for money.  Grab your ticket here!

The burger in question: The Wellington Wild Thing.

Abby Damen