My name is Sarah but my friends call me Purdy, my partner calls me Sweetie and my kids call me Mummy (but not for long according to my oldest daughter - 10 years 🙁).  For breakfast this morning I had a cup of tea, but what I really wanted was Scorch-O-Rama'a amazing Babe Benedict (yes a shameless plug for our cafe - but it is also super yum!😀)

I have been coming to Shut Up & Dance since April 2017 and my favourite part about it is introducing all my friends to it AND Getting to dance my arse off - literally! (it's awesome exercise!)

My ability to laugh at myself is something that has changed since my first Shut Up & Dance class (god knows you need to be able to some weeks! ) The reason I keep coming back is because It's my one thing during the week that I do just for me - oh and for the amazing Clair!

My favourite guilty pleasure track is You Can Do It by Ice Cube because I CAN DO IT! 😜  I met the love of my life through the power of fate (one of many examples is when he picked me up for our first date his car had the number plate SP7474 which is my initials and birth year) and his name is Bert. My most embarrassing moment recently would be at a recent varicose vein consultation, the Doctor gave me a huge wad of paper towels to wipe off all the ultrasound gel on both of my legs but instead I used it to dab my brow (which he had mentioned was a little clammy due to nausea I was feeling) and then had to put my leggings back over extra slimy legs as I was too embarrassed to ask for more.

The world would be a better place with more loving, more patience and of course more DANCING in it. The routine I want to learn the most is Flashdance and if I could have a secret power it would be invisibility so that I could sneak into every SU&D class without looking like a stalker fan (oh and because I can't afford 6 classes a week - otherwise I probably would anyway 😂). 



Abby Damen