Parks Week with WCC

The way we see it: If you're already at risk of injuring yourself on any given day, we simply couldn't run our Outdoor Dance Class in Wellington's Civic Square with the rain pouring the way it was on Tuesday.  Fortunately, Thursday turned out to be a total success, with the wind easing off and the sun coming out just in time for the session.

Thank you to the Wellington City Council and their Parks and Recreation Department.  We were very proud to be a part of Parks Week and look forward to getting involved again next year!  A *hi five* to Jen from DANCEgeek as well who is now our official T-Shirt supplier.

We were super stoked with the turnout and thought that while we have a strict no photos and no videos policy for our classes, the rules don't apply at an outdoor session, so enjoy the rare moment of video above!

Boom shakalaka.

Abby Damen