Wellington Instructor

We're chatting with Sally at Milk Crate, an epic café in the heart of Wellington. 

So tell me Sally, how did you become involved with SUAD?

I crashed the Auckland auditions as I'm a friend of Frith's (who is an instructor up there) even though I'm from Welly! Then boom, that worked out even better! 

What do you love most about being a part of Shut Up & Dance?

When I hear from gals in my class that they tear up the dance floor with the Single Ladies dance - what gurus! The classes teach dances I've always wanted to learn where anyone can let loose and give it 100% so I love the vibe in the studio too!  But also learning the Sorry Justin Bieber dance because, come on, life goal right there.

Whats your Guilty Pleasure dance track?

Robbie Williams, Rock DJ for sure!

If you were to be stranded on a desert island and you had to take one person with you, who would it be and why?

My momma coz she is my rock DJ (her favourite song also). 

Have you done anything in the past week that has made you proper cringe?

I'm a big charades gal. We play it every year with my family on holiday, but there are always cringe worthy moves in my (winning) performances.

What would you say is your biggest achievement yet?

I've been working at a social policy think tank called McGuinness Institute for two years now and I'm bloody stoked I've stuck it out. Even when it's been unbearably stressful or when I've had New Zealand cabin fever!



 What's your favourite quote?

"One hamburger is the equivalent of two months showering." From the movie Cowspiracy (watch it please) about water use in agriculture!  I also catch myself saying "live laugh love" all the time as a joke which is now serious.

 Vegemite: Yay or nay?


If you were a cake slice what would you be and why?

Banana cake because I love banana cake and you gotta love yourself am I right! 

If there was a film made about your life, what's the song that plays on it's trailer?

"I'll be there for you" by The Rembrandts because that's my aim, I always got my friends' backs' (as well as a dark Friends obsession).

Cats or dogs?

Easy. Dogs.

Something you're really good at?

Explaining my books to people who pretend to care.


Want to spy on Sally's life?  You can follow her on Instagram or check out her blog, What's Happening Here.

Abby Damen