Featuring Jen Duff




(We asked Jen to write an acrostic poem using the letters of her name, and her response wasn't her own words but actually those of her 9 year old son, which she received in a card just days ago.  Cute and handy.)

What do you do to pay the bills?

Pray each week that my lotto numbers will pay them for me!  Oh, and freelance as a TV Producer in advertising - I find that's been more reliable to date.

What do you do to relax?

Drink and laugh a lot - I can't live without either.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Two things?  Avocados and chocolate covered ginger.  Oh yeah.

What do you like about Shut Up & Dance?

What's NOT to like?  Clair has an infectious energy that I can't get enough of (stalker alert). Please can you try and bottle her up and share a little bit of what she has around?  We need more people in this world like her!  The laughing, the moves, the overall entertainment in each class has me completely hooked - it's pure hilarity and you get fit at the same time.  WINNING!  PLUS you listen to music that you just know people secretly all want to learn killer moves to.  I swear I walk out of each class with less wrinkles on my face and a spring in my step I know I didn't have walking in!  Not only that, I LOVE watching everyone in the class enjoy themselves.  I would pay big money to watch someone try to keep a straight face in these classes - if you're not laughing out loud to Clair's explanation of a dance move or simply at YOURSELF for attempting said moves instructed by Clair, there's something wrong with you.

Favourite guilty pleasure track?

Promise not to tell?!  "What do you mean?" - The Bieb.  I've also always been a sucker for Paul Simon's "Late in the Evening" from a young age - a party favourite of my parents'!  Actually I have so many guilty pleasure tracks.  Clair's playlist for starters.  Guilty.  I want it.  All of it!  And the 80s.  I'll take them too!

Abby Damen