I push my alarm on snooze and then wake up 10 minutes later to the shock of my phone ringing.  My flatmate and dear friend is calling me because I WON'T WAKE UP FROM MY ALARM.  He says I need to change the ring tone.  I'll do it when I've got a designated 4 minutes to listen to the options.

I chug back half of my water bottle, put on my mahabis and while I'm waiting for my supreme coffee to brew, I say some nice things to myself and set my intentions for the day (like maybe try wake up with your first alarm tomorrow?).  I run through the urgent emails, make some phone calls and create a meme that came to me in my sleep.  This one was 'Don't Drake and Drive.'  I think it's hilarious.

I haven't showered so I think why not roll with this 'unpresentable vibe' I'm totally pulling off and go to Clair's spin class.  I probably prefer netball and dancing as exercise, but I love Clair's spin and the view at Habit in Evans Bay is phenomenal.  I can't wait to warm-up to September, by Earth Wind and Fire.  It's one of my favourite songs and one of the only things that seems regular or constant in life right now.  So I cherish the routine of it all.

I am lucky enough to get acting and voice gigs every now and then, and today I'm heading out to Avalon Studios for a half-day recording session for a Korean Cartoon show called Nori the Rollercoaster Boy.  I'm voicing a tiny rollercoaster called Jinny who is made out of PVC plastic and has a very cute sneeze.  Yes, it's just as weird as you think it is.  On the way there, I have to choose something cool to listen to like Solange so that I just hum and warm up my voice, instead of my usual playlist of Michael Jackson and Blondie - to which I can't help singing at the top of my lungs to!

I come back into town after lunch time to make it just in time for a meeting with Clair and Lauren from Wellington Womens Magazine at Prefab.  It's exciting.  The meeting, and the donut that's coming my way.  I love sharing our dreams and aspirations, and meeting other people and hearing their life stories and goals.  This of course all turns into tasks and checklists and notes on Trello.  Trello is amazing.

I head back to my apartment and have a green tea and demolish the remainder of last nights dinner while I do some work.  I think about some strategy for our little business in the long-term and add my ideas to our meeting agenda.  I google "indulgent dog" in google images because I have an idea for a poster that I think will make Lesa & Clair laugh.  I still cannot find the perfect "indulgent dog."  I coordinate a booking for a double Hens/Stag Do where both parties will be learning a routine from us so that they're armed when they have a dance-off at the actual wedding.  I start figuring out how I can get an invite to this wedding.  

I watch a video of Michael Jackson live at the Grammy's in 1988 and realise that I should never moonwalk again because my attempts are an insult to his talent.  I pull myself back together and moonwalk to the kitchen where I make the fourth or ninth cup of tea for the day and tie up the loose ends for our upcoming events; Parks Week, Cancer Society Relay for Life and our Christchurch Pop-Up.

I get a call from my sister who now lives in Bali and listen to her adventures while I pay some bills, put a load of washing on and search Pinterest for pallet coffee table inspiration.  I'm having my friends over for dinner and while I'm waiting for the vegetables to roast and for them to come home, I get through one page of my book.  I have to put "read book" on my To Do list so that I do that instead of continue to work.

I brush my teeth and promise myself that I'll floss tomorrow, hop into bed with the 14th tea of the day, light my candle and talk to my boyfriend on the phone and we tell each other about our days.  I go to sleep and dream about cartoon characters moonwalking on my Trello board, armed with donuts and tea.


Abby Damen