A Day in the Life: Clair

Silence. Coffee. Stillness.

I start each and every day by looking outside.  I spend 5 minutes grinding my Flight coffee beans and feel real grateful.  Some days I might be a bit grumpy, but in this meditative state of grinding my beans I begin to feel thankful.  I make a point of not going straight onto social media and scrolling because I like to set my intentions for the day and be in my world.  The calm before the explosive day in the life of Clair.

Hustle. Water. Bus.

These moments always fly by so quickly before I'm packed and out the door on my way to Habit Evans Bay to teach my first Spin class of the day. I love teaching Spin here for the view overlooking the bay and its community spirit.  Today however, while we were spinning, there was a slight distraction.  A lady paddle boarding, with her labrador, on the board.  Please picture the cuteness of this moment.  It made my heart so happy!  An actual dog paddle boarding... It's too much for my heart to handle.

Sweat. Wind. Breathe.

It's Prefab times with Abby.  We gossip gossip gossip argh-quick-no-have-to-talk-about-work but lets catch up and talk about life instead.  We drink copious amounts of coffee and ding-ding it's 12.30... No work discussed but I feel fully nourished and caught up on our lives together.

Walk. Playlists. Create.

As I commute, whether it's walking, running ubering, bussing and hitching my way from job to job, this is when I'm listening to all my playlists and creating as I go.  The best.  As I walk to Revive fitness on Lambton Quay to teach my second Spin class of the day I'm fully engaged in my music until of course I bump into the Gorilla Man on the corner of Lambton and I remember where I am and how much I love Wellington.

Sweat. Smell. Food.

Next on the agenda is sorting out how hungry I am.  But I have three more classes to teach so I have to be particular about what I munch.  A smoothie and a hench banana from Seize always does the job!  My favourite smoothie is the one with peanut butter. I'm addicted.  Seriously.

Replenished. Stride. Countdown

The countdown begins.  Three more classes to go.  I make my way up to the Rec Centre at Victoria University to teach Zumba.  If the word Zumba makes you cringe and feel sick then you haven't experienced the absolute amazing Zumba class at Vic Uni!  75 men and woman in the one space dancing their absolute butts off, cracking up for an hour is what happens.  It is something to experience.  Zumba is dancing to the beat of the music.  That's it.  If you have an instructor that listens to what you want and creates a space for you to dance non-stop then there is no way you can't LOVE IT!  This class gets me through the 3PM lull in my day.

Fruit. Finale. Friends.

Last stop of the day. Pineapple chunks are the sugar I need to get me to Porirua to teach my back to back Shut Up & Dance classes.  My dear friend and co-owner Abby lends me the mighty Toyota Corolla to get me there.  Slow and steady... Up the gorge... Boom Boom Pow.  Made it.  The beautiful Extreme Dance studios make me feel like I'm a real dancer.  I suddenly remember my childhood dreams of teaching and being just like my ballet teacher when I grow up.  It brings the dream back to reality.  I friggin' love my job and the Porirua crew.  They crack me up every week and bring the energy to smash out the session.

Babe. Beers. Bed.

I return home to my lovely man.  We share a beer and talk about our days!  I am so grateful to have him as my partner in life... My battery is so close to being empty by this point and he just lets me be. We relax before tomorrow comes and we do it all over again!

Boom!  See you at class!

Abby Damen