Well. You'd think that as a trio of performers, attention-seekers and Beyoncé fans, a speech would be water off a ducks back. It definitely wasn't. It was 20 minutes and you can watch the filmed version here.

We were asked by the Creative Mornings Wellington team to speak on May's theme of Serendipity. At first we were like - well this is going to be impossible. First of all - there's nothing serendipitous about our lives. Isn't serendipity some wonderful, glamorous, just-out-of-reach possibility? Our lives feel messy, all over the show and filled with questions all the time.  Secondly - we are going to say something we'll regret. Nevertheless, we said yes because why wouldn't you and the more we thought about it, we realised our story was incredibly serendipitous. We also realised that serendipity isn't something that happens to you. It's something you can create for yourself.

We were so nervous to tell our stories and be vulnerable in front of a bunch of people who didn't know who we were. Now we're just waiting for the time we get asked to do a TED talk.

Watch our Creative Mornings Speech!

Abby Damen