Shut Up & Listen Feat. Kelsey Serjeant

A quick fire round with the amazing Kelsey who joined our classes earlier this year and has made our Monday nights brighter ever since! We are DEFINITELY adding the Napolean Dyanmite routine to Jameroquai's Canned Heat! YES!

My name is Kelsey but my friends call me Chelsea-bun or Calci-yum.

I have been coming to Shut Up & Dance since February 2017 and my favourite part about it is it's the only place in Wellington it's legit to "TOUCH YOURSELF!!!" in public on a Monday night.

My favourite guilty pleasure track is Prince's Little Red Corvette because it's a great one to holler in the car (not a Corvette), and I love the idea of Prince sitting beside me telling me to slow down, (as I'm in standstill traffic at the Basin Reserve).

My position in the room during class is something that has changed since my first Shut Up & Dance class. I used to hang at the back. Now I make a beeline to the extreme front, blocking others' view. I have probably become "that girl".

The reason I keep coming back is because Shut Up & Dance has flipped the traditional notion of a 'women's exercise class' on it's head. Gone are the mirrors, the boring sit-ups and the aggressive instructor yelling at you about calories. In place of all that is bangin' music, moves that make you feel like you're straight out of a Salt N Pepa video, non-stop encouragement and raucous laughter.

To pay the bills I work for the Environment Commissioner (New Zealand's environmental "watch-dog") on a whole range of issues - everything from climate change to water quality to saving our birds.

My most dorky moment this week was getting snapped by colleagues talking on the phone to my partner using my cutie-pie voice. It's very high pitched. I felt my dignity evaporate.

The world would be a better place with MORE DANCING IN IT (obviously)! 

The routine I want to learn the most is Napolean Dynamite's dance to Jamiroquai's Canned Heat.

Abby Damen